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Who we are

We are a pharmacy dedicated to providing the best service possible since we first opened our doors in 1949. Dedicated to our community of patients and health care professionals, we go above and beyond making a difference in attention to details, attention to YOU, and attention to improving your health today and tomorrow! Professional Pharmacy can deliver innovative and progressive medications prescribed by your provider, including Specialty medications. Come in and see why patients continue to support their locally owned, hometown pharmacy in the heart of the city!

To provide accessible care and better health to ALL members of our community.

Shorter Wait Times.  7 percent of customers at independents reported that a prescription wasn’t ready when promised during the previous 12 months; just 4 percent complained of long waits. By contrast, 19 percent of shoppers at pharmacy chains found that a prescription wasn’t ready, and 21 percent experienced long waits at the service counter.” Tired of waiting hours or days for your prescription? Try your local independent pharmacy. Chances are we can have yours ready in just a matter of minutes.

Individualized Care and Attention. According to NCPA (National Community Pharmacists Association), independent pharmacies employ an average of 2.8 full-time employed pharmacists (including the owner) and 3.3 full-time employed technicians (not to mention cashiers and other miscellaneous employees) to fill an average of 201 prescriptions per day. As a chain pharmacist, you might work a 14 hour shift with no other pharmacist or overlap, fill 300+ prescriptions and only have 3-4 technicians on a regular, if not daily, basis. How could any patient form a relationship with a pharmacist under those kinds of conditions? We're committed to making this a very different experience for you!

Accurate and Knowledgeable. Independent pharmacies consistently rank at the top of the charts of customer satisfaction in every category. But perhaps the most important category of all is accuracy. One Consumer Reportshows independent pharmacies were ranked #1 overall and were given the highest rating in regards to speed and accuracy (see image below). This data translates into patient safety. As a patient, you have the right to receive the correct medication, dose, and directions as prescribe by your doctor and independents are voted the best at ensuring that happens.

That's right! Specialty Care close to home! We work with your health care provider to get your specialty medications quickly...and help you stay on track. We work behind the scenes for you by:

  • Determining your insurance coverage and co-pay
  • Utilizing manufacturer co-pay cards to reduce prescription cost
  • Enrolling you in available foundation assistance programs to help cover high out of pocket costs
  • Transferring the prescription to your insurance required pharmacy if necessary
  • Providing refill reminder calls to help you keep on schedule with therapy
  • Available to answer any questions after you've started your medication

Professional Pharmacy/Central Pharmacy Partners Specialty Care:

 Meeting your pharmacy needs every day for ALL your regular medications and NOW your Specialty Medications.

Services We Deliver Every Single Day

Please call or stop in to inquire. We work hard to practice at the top of our license and we are happy to take your suggestions for new services to offer!

  • Home Delivery Service
  • Medication Therapy Management Service
  • Medication Synchronization Service
  • Point of Care Testing (e.g. Hepatitis C, Strep, Influenza, etc.)
  • Over the Counter and $1 Items
  • Specialty Medications (Central Pharmacy Partners) Specialty Care
  • Diabetic Shoes and Insoles
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Home Medical Equipment


Medication refills are easy. Use our app, call us, or sign up for our Medication Sync Program today to let us do all the work for you!


We offer delivery for your convenience throughout Wichita City Limits. Just choose delivery through our mobile app or website when refilling prescriptions. We kindly ask for 24 hours notice on non-emergency scripts or when we must contact your provider for a renewal.


Easy access to a list of your medications and dosages via our RxLocal app!


We want to make sure you feel comfortable about how and why you are taking your medications. Our staff is always willing to help in this process! Feel free to call or message us via our "RxLocal" app!

Independently Owned. Pharmacists You Can See And Trust. Your Community. Your Hometown. Your Pharmacy.

Feel free to call us or stop in and say hello!

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